Thursday, November 26, 2009

Despite of the promise: I made to myself

I promised I would not shed a single tear for that guy who never really understood me, who never really cared, who was in his own world.
All the time I needed him, he was invisible, even though I always stood by him when he needed me.
Today I am sitting alone, thinking "why cannot he understand me, my feelings, my immense love that I've in bulk to shower upon him."
For once if he had given me a chance I would show him how deeply and madly I am in love with him. Well I don't completely blame him, it was always me who could not express it how I felt.
Coz every time I saw him and his beautiful deep eyes and every time I heard his voice as sweet as chocolate, I started losing my senses. I used to forget every thing then and there and just wished to melt in his arms forever. For my entire life, I wished I could get locked in his eyes.
Describing how I felt with him is as impossible as seeing a white crow.
And now I'm here, alone, thinking of all those moments we had spent together "the moments of love", crying already despite of the promise I made to myself.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I wait by the phone everyday
but u never call......?
I get ready for u to come
but u never show up.......?
I tel u important things
but u never listen......?
I say I LOVE U
but u never ANSWER.....?
I write u mail
but u never RESPOND.....?
I ask if u LOVE me, i ask if u care
but u never said anythin..never answerd me ....!!

u make me feel sick
u make me feel so lonly.......

I hate u :)

Don't treat me less, than you would to a Princess....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Someone should sue Disney for planting the ideas in little kids heads that every girl has a prince and everything ends up happily ever after.

Un-beautiful, like me :)

Un-beautiful, like me :)

Some women
are blessed with beauty
but not me
i'm un-beautiful,
i'm un-extraordinary,
i'm un-perfect,
i'm me.

i'm the star that doesn't sparkle,
a Nightingale that can't sing,
snow the color of charcoal,
a harp without its strings,

i'm an empty box of chocolate,
a chooser without a choice,
an angel without her wings,
an echo without a voice,

a captain without a ship,
an interpreter with nothing to say,
a piano key without a note,
a night without a day,

i'm a clock that doesnt tick,
an ice cream without a taste,
a mirror with no reflection,
a doll without her face,

in a strange way,
it's beautiful,
to be un-beautiful.

some women
are blessed with beauty
but not me
i'm un-beautiful,
i'm un-extraordinary,
i'm un-perfect,
but in the end
i'm perfectly un-perfect
because I m me... :)
do u believe in fairy tales?????
Your prince isn't going to come,
Riding on a horse,
And jumping off it,
Taking your hands in his,
And sweep you off your feet.

No, not in this life.
Sorry hon, but thats the truth.

You're not going to find Mr. Frog Prince,
And with the fact that you have to kiss him,
And then magic will reverse,
And then he'll turn into Mr.
Prince Charming.

Sorry to break the news,
But thats just not going to happen.

Cinderella and her prince,
Bella and her beast,
Sleeping Beauty and her savior,
Snow White and her love,
They're just fairy tales,
They're not real,
They're unrealistic.
They are not going to happen to you.

* I wish it would *