Thursday, November 26, 2009

Despite of the promise: I made to myself

I promised I would not shed a single tear for that guy who never really understood me, who never really cared, who was in his own world.
All the time I needed him, he was invisible, even though I always stood by him when he needed me.
Today I am sitting alone, thinking "why cannot he understand me, my feelings, my immense love that I've in bulk to shower upon him."
For once if he had given me a chance I would show him how deeply and madly I am in love with him. Well I don't completely blame him, it was always me who could not express it how I felt.
Coz every time I saw him and his beautiful deep eyes and every time I heard his voice as sweet as chocolate, I started losing my senses. I used to forget every thing then and there and just wished to melt in his arms forever. For my entire life, I wished I could get locked in his eyes.
Describing how I felt with him is as impossible as seeing a white crow.
And now I'm here, alone, thinking of all those moments we had spent together "the moments of love", crying already despite of the promise I made to myself.

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